Erwin Sattler Aperia II

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Erwin Sattler Aperia

Luxury pendulum clock with calendar and moon phase on skeleton dial

The first batch of the attractive Aperia may have sold out in a short space of time, but you now have a second chance with the new Aperia II. This pendulum clock is limited to 60 pieces to celebrate the year of our anniversary. This anniversary edition of the 96-centimetre high pendulum clock will provide a fresh new perspective for those who appreciate mechanical intricacy. A glance through the skeletonised dial reveals two special switchgears mounted on the front of the calibre (Manufacture calibre 1576). 

One switchgear is responsible for the informative calendar that indicates the date, the day of the week and the moon phase. As is standard for the masterpieces manufactured by Erwin Sattler, the moon disc that features two depictions of Earth’s satellite arranged opposite one another has been painted by hand with great care and attention to detail. Both the slender steel hands of the calendar and the blue tempered trio indicating hours, minutes and seconds are distinguished through manual cambering. The second switching mechanism marks completed and half hours with a harmonious chime. The chimes of the current hour can also be repeated if required. For those who prefer peace and quiet, the elaborate half-hour strike train can be suppressed at any time. 

A far from conventional timepiece, the clock features fine movement with a hand-guilloched, black rhodium front plate, and an entire month of power reserve to boot. Thanks to a well-conceived power-maintaining mechanism, the Aperia II even continues to run during the raising of its two weights, which is required on a monthly basis. Its pendulum serves as a reliable oscillator, carrying out 4,320 half oscillations every hour. The pendulum rod is made of hardwood that has been seasoned over many years. This material guarantees a high level of accuracy, since it hardly reacts to fluctuations in temperature at all. The solid, rotated brass bob is both functional and pleasing to look at, with nickel plating applied after substantial polishing. 

Comprehensive clock maker expertise is evident in the sophisticated design details of the Aperia II, which incorporates a total of 15 ruby bearings, 8 precision ball bearings and a coordinated ensemble of components that have been put together with diligence and care. All the elements of the calendar and striking mechanism undergo a thorough process of refinement. Manually performed cutting and polishing as well as angled edges bear witness to the mastery of workmanship that was thought to have disappeared with ages past.

Lastly, there is the varnished wooden housing, which is a real feast for the eyes. Despite its complex inner workings, it only takes up a modest 11 centimetres on the wall. The complete design is rounded off by the rim and base with carbon and metal inlays as well as anti-reflective and U-shaped mineral glass that is affixed on a mitre. There are also small secrets that the Aperia II shares only with its owner, such as the virtually invisible magnet fastener on the door, or the discreetly incorporated hatch in the base for the crank. 

The individual number on the polished, silver-plated and subsequently varnished dial indicates the unique nature of this beautiful pendulum clock, which is limited to just 60 pieces. The connection to the company anniversary is further highlighted by a small hallmark beneath the number “12” and half a dozen exquisite diamonds on the cylindrically ground minute scale. All in all, the Aperia II is a true gem for any living space. Taken as a whole, it amounts to significantly more than the sum of its numerous individual parts, which have been put together with the highest expertise.



Professional installation by one of the manufacturers master clock makers is included in the purchase price within the United States and Canada.  Inquire about our international installation rates.

All Erwin Sattler models are manufactured to order by hand.  Please expect a 4-6 weeks delivery time frame.


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