Erwin Sattler Columna Temporis

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Erwin Sattler Columna TemporisUltra High Precision Luxury Pendulum Clock - Most precise mechanical clock made today




The Columna Temporis embodies the technical precision and quality of Erwin Sattler and, with the high quality of its inner workings, is closely based on precision pendulum clocks. And yet it is also something entirely new – thanks to its innovative design, it has a completely unique character. 

The most distinctive feature of the Columna Temporis is the absolute transparency achieved by its glazed body. The fascinating front view shows a silver-plated dial with blued steel hands. Through the opening in the dial is a direct view of the beautifully designed escapement. The movement and all its astounding features can be seen in the side view. The lower section houses the swinging elegant Invar compensation pendulum and its stainless steel pendulum cylinder. The appearance of this long case clock is complemented by its stone plinth made of Nero Assoluto – black, African granite. Even after more than seven centuries, the art of mechanical clock-making is still a creative art form whose rich trove of experience opens the way for innovative ideas and produces wonderful works of art. Without doubt, one such work of art is the Columna Temporis.

Professional installation by one of the manufacturers master clock makers is included in the purchase price within the United States and Canada.  Inquire about our international installation rates.

All Erwin Sattler models are manufactured to order by hand.  Please expect a 4-6 weeks delivery time frame.


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