Erwin Sattler Mechanica M1 Exclusive DIY kit for Modern Precision Pendulum Clock

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Brand new and factory fresh Modern Precision Pendulum Clock DIY Construction Kit Erwin Sattler Mechanica M1 with all box and paper as received directly from the Erwin Sattler factory in Munich Germany (full retail and factory warranty included dated as of the day of successful end of sale).  This is a genuine Erwin Sattler clock kit and we guarantee authenticity.  This is not an assembled clock, this is a kit that includes all parts needed to built this clock with exact instructions on how to do it.  
This is not your typical Grandfather Clock - this is a mechanical piece of wall art and a true luxury home decor piece.  We can also supply you with any other model from the Erwin Sattler collection
The current retail price for this clock kit is $6,400.  
The clock kit is brand new and unused and free from any blemishes. It comes with all the factory wraps, seals and covers and was never been on display with any retailer. This clock is sourced straight from the factory. The flawless condition of the clock components and packaging can be seen in the pictures. The clock has a beautifully subtle tick.
The Mechanica clockwork also makes your heart leap for joy.
Basic clock-kit:
  • 5/6 precision pendulum clock
  • 30 days power reserve
  • Dimensions: 1020 mm (40 inches) x 270 mm (10.6 inches) x 145 mm (5.7 inches)
  • Very fine crossed out wheels, milled, polished and gold plated
  • Pinions of hardened steel with 12, 14 and 16 teeth
  • All gears equipped with miniature ball bearings of stainless steel mounted on plates (10 units)
  • Plates are made of 4mm thick anodised aluminium
  • Graham escapement with hardened, adjustable steel pallets
  • 5/6 seconds invar pendulum (temperature compensated)
  • Solid stainless steel or brass pendulum weight
  • Driving weight of pure tungsten, 3000g with pulley
  • Hands of steel, handmade and blued
  • Accuracy +/-3-4 sec. per month
Customization can be achieved with various upgrade kits: Allowing you to upgrade your Mechanica M1 visually and mechanically was a key factor in our design philosophy. A wide array of upgrades is available to enhance the look, beauty, accuracy and longevity of your Mechanica M1. Every clock kit includes a richly illustrated instruction booklet.

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