Erwin Sattler Troja OpusTemporis

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Erwin Sattler Troja OpusTemporis

Ultra High Precision Luxury Pendulum Clock with built in High Precision Watch Winders and high security safe (optional)


 Without doubt, the most elaborate timepiece in this series is the Troja Opus Temporis, with its unique movement – a charming look combined with functional perfection. A great pairing – the safety-loving Troja with the magnificent Opus Temporis. This combination brings together ostensibly incompatible aspects into one versatile timepiece which leaves nothing to be desired.

This masterpiece from the Erwin Sattler manufacture is not just a precision clock according to the classical definition but, with the Opus Temporis, it also has a “perpetual calendar” with three-dimensional, hand-painted moon phase. This turns in front of a funnel that is studded with ten brilliant cut diamonds and impressively illustrates the night sky. From a technical point of view, its calculation and conversion are also fascinating, and only have to be corrected by one day every 120 years. Furthermore, this fine long case clock delights owners with its sonorous half-hour strike. Its character is complemented by the features of the Troja. There is no more remote control. Controlling works only via Bluetooth, any smartphone or tablet, or via the operating element in the integrated tray in the housing. By using the fingerprint-reader 16 watch winders appear laterally. The database that comes with the clock contains the parameters for more than 7000 wristwatch models. Each wristwatch thus receives exactly the amount of energy that is recommended by the manufacturer. A safe, which is hidden behind a closed door in the base of the clock, has drawers in which to store other collectibles and treasures such as chains, rings and manual winding wristwatches.

Professional installation by one of the manufacturers master clock makers is included in the purchase price within the United States and Canada.  Inquire about our international installation rates.

All Erwin Sattler models are manufactured to order by hand.  Please expect a 4-6 weeks delivery time frame.


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