Erwin Sattler Classica K70M Modern Pendulum Clock with Moon Phase Calendar

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It is a technical masterpiece – despite its small size and thus low drop height, it offers a full month’s worth of power reserve. This is achieved by the higher ratio of the precisely toothed gear train, which also rolls in ball bearings with jewels.
As the smallest model with a calendar, the Classica K 70 M will surprise you with an additional unique feature: The current moon phase is displayed on a three-dimensional hand-painted spherical moon which only needs correcting by one day after 120 years.

This particularly fine composition combines a useful and decorative calendar function on the dial with a modern housing with filigree metal inlays.

- Power reserve to last one month 

- Calendar date indication at 9 o'clock 
- Hand crafted and hand painted spherical moon phase indication
- Small pendulum swing and quiet ticking
- Virtually wear-free operation due to 14 jewel bearings, 8 ball bearings

Even in the 19th century, quiet timepieces such as the Classica K70M were considered absolute rarities among pendulum clocks. Today, clock manufacturer Erwin Sattler has succeeded in resurrecting classic movement design and the outstanding quality associated with the tradition of Vienna movements.

Of course, the knowledge and possibilities available in manufacturing today mean it is possible to improve even further on the tried-and-tested quality of those days. Precision machines and the use of a total of 14 jewel bearings and eight precision miniature bearings enable virtually wear-free operation and a level of accuracy that could not have been achieved one hundred years ago. The use of top-quality materials contributes to ensuring the longevity of the Classica K70M for many generations. Very slim movements and strikingly small weights used to be typical for these precious regulators, and still are now. With its quiet ticking, the elegantly subtle pendulum swing and its wonderfully tuneful half-hourly strike, this sophisticated clock is a particularly fine accessory for the home or office.  

Case - Black varnish with metal inlays
- Black varnish with macassar cassette and metal inlays
Height: 70 cm, width: 20.5 cm, depth: 10 cm
Door with magnetic closure
Crystals Anti-reflective mineral glass
Movement Sattler calibre 1425
Power reserve 30 days
Drive Weight 2,700 g tungsten with pulley with jewelled bearings
Oscillator Wood rod pendulum
Ball bearings 6 precision ball bearings
Jewel bearings 9
Dial Anodised, three-dimensional hand-painted spherical moon
Beat rate 5.184/h = 86,4/min
Plates Brass polished, nickel plated

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