Troja 20

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  • Our popular Troja 16 completely redesigned
  • 20 precision watch winders, sideways extendible
  • Clock base with safe
  • Watch holder variants for different strap lengths


No timepiece embodies the tradition of clock-making craftsmanship more than a longcase clock. These clocks have the character of a veritable piece of furniture and have always been synonymous with dignity and comfort. The deliberate ticking every second conveys peace and security, and invites you to take a break from the hectic daily grind, which is marked by a lack of time. Due to its impressive size when compared to other timepieces, it is extremely important that the longcase clock fits perfectly into your living environment.

We have completely redesigned our popular Troja 16 to not only make it significantly flatter but also give it a harmoniously modern and elegant appearance. Standing at 210 cm tall, its distinctive look is unmissable yet able to blend effortlessly into any surroundings at the same time.

Like its predecessor, the new Troja can be fitted with one of Sattler’s three proven precision movements: The Classica Secunda 1995, the Secunda Lunaris or the Secunda Sonata. With an accuracy of one to two seconds a month, the Troja 20 offers impressive mechanical performance too.

The back part of the case contains ten precision watch winders on the left and another ten on the right, which can also be extended outwards on each side if desired. This part can be controlled – and each individual winder programmed – using a device with wireless Internet capability (tablet or smartphone). The database that comes with the clock contains the parameters for more than 8000 wristwatch models. This means that each wristwatch receives exactly the amount of energy recommended by the manufacturer. To move the watch winders out, the Troja 20 also comes equipped with a high-tech fingerprint reader in a drawer in the base of the case.

A small safe hidden behind two closed doors in the base of the clock can be used to store other collectibles and treasures such as necklaces, rings and manually wound wristwatches.

Case Black varnish with carbon cassette, metal inlays and carbon inlays; Height: 210 cm, width: 65 cm (watch winder extended: 98 cm), depth: 38 cm; Requires wall mounting at the dial height; Door with magnetic catch; LED lighting in the cassette; Mood lighting in the back wall of the case; Hidden drawer with integrated fingerprint reader
Crystals Anti-reflective mineral glass, U-shaped glass glued on a mitre
Base Clock base with safe
Winder 20 precision watch winders, sideways extendible,
can be programmed individually via Wifi
Movement Sattler calibre 1965
Power reserve 30 days
Drive 3100 g weight with pulley
Oscillator Invar pendulum (diameter 12 mm), temperature and air-pressure compensation by 5 aneroid capsules with air pressure display in mm/Hg
Ball bearings 5 precision ball bearings
Jewel bearings 11 in screwed-in chatons, 2 agate anchor pallets
Dial Silver-plated, engraved, cutaway in seconds dial,
visible escapement (Graham)
Beat rate 3.600/h = 60/min
Safe According to EN 1143-1 resistance grade I
- Insurance cover for private use up to €65,000.00
- Insurance cover for commercial use up to €20,000.00
- Lock: electronic locking system
- Door hinge: DIN right
- Ext.dimension: H/B/T 405/400/270 mm
- Int. dimensions: H/B/T 325/311/155 mm
- Doorway: H/B 325/311 mm
- Weight: aprox. 42 kg
Weight 155 kg

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