Hentschel Hamburg Order Process and Delivery Packages

We share your passion for Hentschel Hamburg and we are excited that you are considering to acquire your personal Hentschel Chronometers.  Please read the following information about the manufacturing process as well as the scope of your order and pricing. 

Order and manufacturing process

Once you place your order for any Hentschel Chronometer, we will send you a confirmation within 48 hours with the specifications of your order and with an expected delivery timeframe.  We will follow up with a phone call (or if you prefer a video conference) to make sure that we exactly understand your individual expectations for your Hentschel Chronometer and to discuss possible custom specifications.
Once confirmed, one master watchmaker in Hamburg will be designated to work on your Hentschel timepiece.  The entire watch will be created by the hands of one single watchmaker, thereby ensuring continuity, accuracy and perfect workmanship.  This master watchmaker will also document the stages of manufacturing of your watch in a detailed photo documentation that will be handed to you with your watch.  The current average timeframe for the completion of your watch is 4-6 months.

Warranty and scope of delivery

For over thirty years, Hentschel Hamburg has offered all of its Chronometers with a complete 5 year factory warranty.  This watch is also equipped with this extraordinary warranty.  Once you take delivery of your watch, you have the opportunity to wear the watch for three months and if it needs adjustment to your individual wearing characteristics, we will perform such adjustment for free.  The five year warranty starts after this initial run-in period.
The Hentschel Premium Package:  The watch also comes with a service voucher so that you could have a complete movement overhaul and exchange of all gaskets performed at the of the five years with an additional warranty extension by two years.  Also included is a bi-annual checkup for water resistance and precision.  In addition, this Hentschel H2 Chronometer “Ambassador” comes with an additional hand stitched Louisiana Alligator strap a hand crafted and engraved wood presentation box, a fine leather travel pouch and the detailed photo documentation that was done during the manufacturing process.  Last but not least, the price also includes an individual engraving on the case back.

By choosing the Hentschel Essentials Package, you can opt out of the Hentschel Premium Package for a price reduction of $2,000.

About Hentschel Chronometers:

For over thirty years, the Manufacture Hentschel Hamburg has relentlessly pursued the quest to create truly everlasting wristwatches.  We thrive in offering our clients everlasting reliability and joy by

  1. using components and processes that ensure that each chronometer is built without compromise to last for generations
  2. with a timeless design that embodies a sovereign elegance because it is based on undisputed aesthetic principles, and
  3. owning a Hentschel Chronometer entitles you to an unparalleled level of service for the entire lifetime of your watch

We much appreciate our valued clients’ level of sophistication.  Investing in a Hentschel Chronometer typically requires a certain level of intellect not chasing after loud designs or brand names.  Once you decide to claim your first personal Hentschel Chronometer, your watch is crafted by one single master watchmaker entirely by hand over the course of several months.  This highly individual process also entails weeks of endurance testing and is eternalized through a meticulous photo documentation that is handed to you when you take ownership of your personal Hentschel Chronometer.

We invest in extensive scientific research with the most prominent university and government institutions in Germany and around the world to continually improve even the seemingly most insignificant aspects of our timepieces. Their sheer elegance might suggest that Hentschel Chronometers are delicate pieces of jewelry that have to be handled with utter care.  The opposite is the case: Hentschel Chronometers are robust everlasting companions for their owners’ lives.  They are meant to be worn daily, including all the various stress tests and normal wear and tear of an active modern life style.  The Hanseatic tradition of building ships chronometers as the backbone of our understanding was always a matter of life and death.  We expect the same everlasting reliability and precision in our chronometers still today. 

Your experience of ownership of a Hentschel Chronometer and the potential transformation in perspective on watches, on luxury items and on life in general, is at the heart of all our efforts.  Every part of a Hentschel chronometer and every aspect of its creation are approached with purpose, in the pursuit of perfection and with this everlasting goal of your joy in mind.