The Luxury Well - Listing Butler: The most convenient way to sell your watch

Effective 03/29/2020 for a limited time, The Luxury Well Listing Butler is offered free of charge!

In an increasingly competitive landscape of online watch sales, selling your precious wristwatch can be complicated and yield very disappointing results.  The Luxury Well offers a turnkey solution that is the most convenient way to sell a wristwatch:  We do it all for you.

Selling a wristwatch as a private collector has many pitfalls.  Your local store won't give you top dollars, selling online is risky and affords a lot of effort and eperience.  Platforms like eBay take upwards of 10% fees and have dangerously generous return policies.

With the TLW Listing Butler, all you have to do is send us your watch with all boxes and papers.  We even send you a prepaid FedEx shipping label to pick up your watch.  All you have to do is to package it safely.  We will create professional pictures and professional listings for you.  We are offering your watch across a multitude of platforms, including our own eBoutique, Chrono24, eBay, Facebook marketplace and groups and several watch related fora.  Because we are a corporate sales partner of these platforms with high volume in sales, we get highly discounted transaction fees as low as 3%.

We consult with you on the price that we think is reasonable for the sale of your watch.  Once a sale is successful, we disburse the funds to you within 1-5 business days depending on the platform that concluded the sale.  Sales on eBay and Chrono24 can take longer to pay out.  Platform fees are passed through and deducted form your payout.  Of course you can request your watch to be returned and all listings ended at any time in which case you only have to pay for the shipping fees incured.

We offer the Listing Butler free of charge to all existing TLW clients.  For collectors that have not shopped with The Luxury Well before, we charge a 5% fee.

If interested, send us an email to with some detailed pictures of your watch, the exact brand, model and reference number of the watch and your expectation as to sales price.  We will get back to you with a confirmation within minutes.