Erwin Sattler Secunda Lunaris

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Erwin Sattler Secunda Lunaris

Ultra high end precision pendulum clock with moon phase and day/date indication

The Moon serves as our Earth’s mysterious companion, influencing the tides and all life on our planet. The Secunda Lunaris gives over part of its fine, silver-plated dial to the mystical satellite, and it is this that first catches the eye.
Attention then turns to the time with separate seconds display, the date, the day and the moon phase, all beautifully positioned to create timeless appeal. The meticulously domed, polished and blue-tempered Breguet-style hands round off the face of this clock. The cutaway under the second hand and the recess in the front plate of the movement allow a view of this precision pendulum clock’s gold-plated components and the Graham escapement with its agate pallets. Just like the Classica Secunda, the Secunda Lunaris shines with technical and visual brilliance – the star-shaped escape wheel bridge, finely polished, shiny nickel-plated plates to contrast with the gold-plated gear wheels, and a ball bearing rope pulley for the winding weight. During winding, a power-maintaining mechanism drives the pendulum. The addition of an aneroid barometric display on the pendulum and a precisely calculated, freely swinging compensation tube ensure maximum precision. The Secunda Lunaris is a technical marvel that will add a magical dimension to any room.

Professional installation by one of the manufacturers master clock makers is included in the purchase price within the United States and Canada.  Inquire about our international installation rates.

All Erwin Sattler models are manufactured to order by hand.  Please expect a 4-6 weeks delivery time frame.


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